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Sub Plate Cutting

Balance the flow of glass through the cutting process and alleviate bottlenecks common during break out with Billco’s new Ultra Series X cutting table featuring an integrated breaker bar and HP3’s Sub Plate Cutting software. This patent pending software utilizes BatchBan’s dynamic algorithm to force Y-breaks and divide each stock sheet into smaller sheets to break out, called sub plates. A constant, but manageable flow of glass is transferred to the breakout table while the remaining sheet is cut into further sub plates.

Software Features Overview

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Balances Glass Flow

Alleviates any bottlenecks in the cutting process by sending smaller sub plates to breakout in a manageable and constant flow.

Improves Breakout Quality

Reducing the amount of time between cut and breakout gives operators fresh scores for quicker, easier and improved breakout.

Improves Efficiency

The balance in workload leads to the highest utilization of your facilities most valuable resources, your labor and equipment. A breakout operator is
no longer waiting for the cutter and vice versa.

Instant Remakes

Sub Plate Cutting applies BatchBan’s dynamic logic to every individual sub plate, meaning every sub plate is optimized dynamically. If a remake is queued and the timing is right, it can be cut on the next available sub plate.

Eliminates Breakout of Large Scores

Dividing large lites of glass into smaller sub plates, eliminateslong scores that can be difficult for a breakout operator to handle.

Increases Overall Yield
Sub Plate Cutting balances workflow, minimizes quality issues downstream and improves the overall plant-wide yield.

Exceptional Customer Service

24/7 remote customer support is offered to all HP3 customers, resulting in less downtime and higher productivity

The Team Behind the Tech
the Team.
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Our team has a unique dual expertise in glass fabrication and software development. We know what it's like on the production line, and we are on the line. When you work with HP3 you always get expert support. You are never just a number, and you'll never get a support tech reading from a script.  


Let’s talk about your optimization needs, so we can begin yielding results together.

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