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Software and People.

HP3 Software was formally incorporated in 2007 in Sewickley, Pennsylvania but was founded in 2003 upon our development of the glass industry’s first batchless optimization software, “BatchBan,” and the first of many HP3 patents to come. With a unique dual-expertise in glass manufacturing and software technology, we provide optimization solutions for glass manufacturing plants across North America and beyond, and offer 24/7, personalized technical support.


Our growing, easy-to-use optimization product line features customization options, intelligent scheduling, and responsive solutions. By delivering up to 7% yield improvement for flat glass cutting, laminating, and tempering processes, we ultimately help our customers save time and material, increasing overall profitability.


However, it is the combined daily performance of our robust technology and hard-working people that provide the invaluable peace of mind that defines the HP3 customer experience. We believe industry leaders rely on us as a genuine partner not only for our accessibility, reliable products, and integrity in yield calculations, but for our truly unparalleled commitment to the success of their operations.

HP3 Software integrates with most major glass fabricating equipment manufacturers. We are NOT an exclusive partner for any particular equipment manufacturer. If you have a question about compatibility or a customized need, please contact us.

Our Team Leaders

Our high customer satisfaction ratings reflect our customer-focused innovation and truly dedicated support. When you work with HP3, you work with great people committed to getting great results for your business. Our team leaders, seasoned developers, and industry experts answer your questions and service requests, not call center associates. 

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Kevin Lear

Vice President


Yun Long

Chief Technology Officer



James Willoughby

Business Manager​


Work With Us.

Contact us to learn more about our optimization software products and how we can further support your operations. If you are interested in joining our team, please send your cover letter and résumé to the email address below.

2591 Wexford Bayne Road

Sewickley PA, 15143


Our Team
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Notable Patents

Patent Number 8731699  

Dynamic, lean insulated glass unit assembly line scheduler (May 20, 2014)

Patent Number 8401689

Dynamic global scheduler system for a glass production line (March 19, 2013)


Publication Number 20110239838  

Insulated glass line having a dynamic batchless direct feed cutter (October 6, 2011)


Publication Number 20110238195

Dynamic, Lean Insulated Glass Unit Assembly Line Scheduler (September 29, 2011)


Publication Number 20100269544

Glass production line having dynamic production control and a tempering furnace with a dedicated delivery device and a method of controlling a glass production line tempering furnace (October 28, 2010)

Patents List

Firsts and Founders

The first generation of HP3 optimization products was first heavily tested on Billco equipment, and our company was founded by glass industry pros with work experience at Billco (and elsewhere).  So we are often asked–


Is HP3 Software part of Billco Manufacturing?  The answer is "No." 


HP3 is completely independent of Billco Manufacturing. However, HP3 remains a trusted partner of Billco Manufacturing, as well as other industry leaders such as Hegla. HP3 Software is compatible with most machine manufacturers, with no exclusivity or partiality to any one brand. 

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