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Plant-Wide Optimization

HP3’s Plant-Wide Optimization Software collects, manages, schedules and tracks your orders from start to finish, managing the process from order entry through shipping a finished product. 

Fabricators get an intuitive resource for managing their entire production workflow using HP3’s patented BatchBan logic. The entire process is optimized based on the targeted delivery date and the capacity of each process. Overall yield is increased, waste is minimized, orders are shipped faster and ultimately profits are increased. 

Software Features Overview

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Truck Priority Optimization
Intuitively manages the entire process placing priority on filling trucks and shipping orders in the most efficient way to keep money coming in. 

Intuitive Front End Customer Management
Easy-to-use front end system provides ability for customers to enter their own orders and set their delivery date based on real-time capacity. 

Plant-Wide Tracking and Scheduling
Maintain complete control of your process and products with barcode scanning and tracking. 

Seamless Remakes
Fully integrated production control process gives operators the ability to trigger remakes at any stage in production

Capacity Planning 
Control your lead times and optimize your capacity planning based on intelligent real-time data. 

Intelligent Order Management
Orders can be built by the customer and verified for 
production feasibility.


Exceptional Customer Service
24/7 remote customer support is offered to all HP3 customers, resulting in less downtime and higher productivity

The Team Behind the Tech
Our Team
the Team.
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Our team has a unique dual expertise in glass fabrication and software development. We know what it's like on the production line, and we are on the line. When you work with HP3 you always get expert support. You are never just a number, and you'll never get a support tech reading from a script.  


Let’s talk about your optimization needs, so we can begin yielding results together.

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