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IG Line Integration

HP3’s Order Entry System stores a large volume of detailed information regarding each piece of glass, spacer, pane type, grid data, gas type, etc. that make up an IG unit. To bridge this information for downstream IG processing, HP3 takes this information and generates ASCII text transfer files. These files can be adjusted based on the IG Line provider’s data requirements and made available. HP3 effortlessly communicates the information necessary for seamless processing, start to finish.

Exceptional Customer Service

24/7 remote customer support is offered to all HP3 customers, resulting in less downtime and higher productivity

Download PDF for Full List of Interfacing Capabilities

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The Team Behind the Tech

Our team has a unique dual expertise in glass fabrication and software development. We know what it's like on the production line, and we are on the line. When you work with HP3 you always get expert support. You are never just a number, and you'll never get a support tech reading from a script.  


Let’s talk about your optimization needs, so we can begin yielding results together.

the Team.
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