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Case Study

When AAA Screen, a long time manufacturer of screen doors, started a glass division they had some expectations for what they needed from their software supplier. They wanted a custom designed program that would accommodate their specific company and process needs. It was the dedication and personal support offered through HP3 that ultimately influenced their decision.


“Kevin Lear listens to his customers and their needs as if they are family. HP3 is a great fit as a working partner.”

states Mr. Jerry, AAA’s owner and president.


HP3’s flexible and adaptive software has been able to transition seamlessly with AAA’s rapid growth through the years. HP3’s team of software engineers is available 24/7 to troubleshoot any mishaps that disrupt service whether it is an unavoidable power surge or operational occurrence. HP3 is able to restore operation within a matter of hours.


Jerry gives credit to HP3 as an integral partner in their growth.

“As a company, we would not be where we are today. HP3 is like having a partner looking out for the best interest of our company and follows up with new ideas to move forward in the success of our business.”  
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