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BatchBan Autoclave

Software Features Overview

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During the autoclave process, keeping track of what is in the autoclave is often a challenge. Many times the person loading the autoclave for a cycle is not the same person who will be unloading the autoclave. This can lead to confusion and downtime while sorting which pieces belong where. Along with BatchBan Laminating software, HP3 can also optimize the autoclave racking process, providing better control and tracking of the products. HP3’s BatchBan Autoclave software determines the optimal loading and layout sequence to maximize each cycle based on rack height, width, depth, load capacity of the racks and square footage the autoclave is capable of handling in a cycle. 

This software package requires HP3 BatchBan Laminating software ideally. In special circumstances, HP3 can implement the software using bridge files that can import data from a customer’s existing order entry system into HP3’s web-based Order Entry System

Exceptional Customer Service

24/7 remote customer support is offered to all HP3 customers, resulting in less downtime and higher productivity

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The Team Behind the Tech

Our team has a unique dual expertise in glass fabrication and software development. We know what it's like on the production line, and we are on the line. When you work with HP3 you always get expert support. You are never just a number, and you'll never get a support tech reading from a script.  


Let’s talk about your optimization needs, so we can begin yielding results together.

the Team.
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