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Batch Style Cutting

Batch Style Cutting is a schedule-based, glass cutting optimization package that uses a sophisticated layout generation algorithm to deliver high yields in an easy to use platform. HP3’s Batch Style Cutting offers flexible control over the batch prior to optimization, giving users the opportunity to accommodate high priority jobs or jobs that may produce poor yields. Cycle times are reduced and yields are increased. HP3’s Batch Style Cutting can be integrated with a number of manufacturer’s equipment, making the transition seamless without the need to invest in new cutting equipment.   

Software Features Overview

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Cutting Equipment Independent
Seamlessly integrates with any cutting platform, regardless of the manufacturer

Flexible Batch Control
High priority orders or orders projected to produce a bad yield can be combined to shorten cycle time and increase yield

Glass Stock Prioritization
Priority can be placed on specific stock sizes to keep costs down

Remote Remakes
Remakes can be initiated from anywhere in your facility providing you with real-time tracking and control

Automated Offal Usage 
Identifies, stores and reclaims offal in a faster, more efficient manner than traditional optimizers

Extensive Shape Library w/Shape Nesting 
Flexible shape handling capabilities give fabricators advantage in product offerings

DXF File Cutting Capability
Simple DXF shapes can be utilized and optimized with HP3’s Batch Style cutting package 

Low Priority Stock Integration
Stock pieces, commonly referred to as low priority, are integrated and used when possible  

Microsoft SQL Database for Greater Data Integrity
Reliable and redundant data storage and retrieval for higher productivity

Flexible options available for custom edgework 

A number of standard reports are available. Below are a few of the most common reports:
•    Glass Usage (Yield) Report
•    Schedule Summary Report
•    Rack Report
•    Recuts and Remakes Report
•    Low Priority Glass Report
•    Purchased Glass Report
•    Unscheduled Orders Report

Exceptional Customer Service
24/7 remote customer support is offered to all HP3 customers, resulting in less downtime and higher productivity


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the Team.
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Our team has a unique dual expertise in glass fabrication and software development. We know what it's like on the production line, and we are on the line. When you work with HP3 you always get expert support. You are never just a number, and you'll never get a support tech reading from a script.  


Let’s talk about your optimization needs, so we can begin yielding results together.

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