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By increasing yield and decreasing waste in glass cutting, laminating, and tempering,
our solutions deliver up to 7% yield improvement for each process, depending on the customer’s mix of ordered pieces.  

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HP3 Software helps glass fabricators increase profitability through the development, customization, implementation, and support of easy-to-use software.

It's our combination of intelligent technology 

and hard-working people that give our customers 

peace of mind.



are Your People.

We believe industry leaders rely on us as a genuine partner not only for our 24/7 accessibility to experts and reliable products, but for our truly unparalleled commitment to the success of their operations. Let’s talk about your optimization needs, so we can begin yielding results together.

Are Your
Yields an Honest and
True Yield

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GlassBuild America

GWCC - Atlanta, GA

September 13-15, 2021

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